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Authentic Overhead Door provides an extensive list of maintenance and repair services for all of your overhead door needs.
Garage Door Tune-Up


Our service professionals will perform an inspection on your door and hardware to make sure the door is safe and in good operating condition. If there are any issues, we will let you know so you are informed to make a decision. If no safety issues are present, we will give your door a tune-up and have it operating seamlessly again.

Opener Adjustment


Openers can become faulty over time. If your opener isn't working properly or seems to be malfunctioning, it may be time for an adjustment. Our service professionals will find the source of the problem and get your opener working properly.

Broken Spring Replacement


Over time, the springs on your garage door can wear down and break. This will cause your door to stay in the down position, making it almost impossible to open. Our service professionals will replace the broken springs and get your door working again.

Overhead Door Repair


Is your overhead door broken? We'd be happy to repair it for you! Most issues can be repaired on-the-spot, however some problems may be too severe and a door replacement is the only fix. Either way, our service professionals are more than capable to diagnose and repair your door.

Commercial Service Contracts


Have a business that needs constant attention for overhead doors? Tired of down-time due to door issues? We have you covered! With a custom service contract from Authentic Overhead Door, we will be on call, 24/7 if need be, to get your production up and running again.

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